Donations / Grants

Bowhunters of West Michigan keeps its members current on grants and/or donations made by private citizens, government, corporations, agencies and other organizations to preserve nature.

Conserving natural resources, natural habitats, wildlife or fish are primary interests of our members. Notices of grants and donations keep our members abreast of public concerns and steps to be taken to address them.

From the DNR

West Michigan Bowhunters maintains close contact with state and national Departments of National Resources to inform our members of policy changes, licensing and other issues important to hunters and nature-lovers alike.

From Other Chapters

Our chapter of West Michigan Bowhunters exchanges news and ideas from other chapters around the country and around the world. As a branch of the Safari Club International, our members are encouraged to check out web sites for our state and national organizations: and

Status Reports on Species and Wilderness Areas

West Michigan Bowhunters makes members aware of endangered species, as well as wildlife that have been taken off endangered species lists. We keep our members posted on the populations and status of animals and fish in our region and state.

We also provide regular status reports on various wilderness areas throughout West Michigan and other parts of the state, nation and world.

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