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Bob Novosad

Species: Black Bear  

Location: Alberta, Canada
Taken 05-25-16 with South Peace River Outfitters just north of Grand Prairie. A successful 2-bear, 6-day archery hunt arranged through Bowhunting Safari Consultants at 1-800-833-9777.

Ed De Young

Weapon: Used Bow and Arrow   Location and Outfitter: California

Brief Description of Hunt: It was a tough hunt the rut was over and the bulls were not calling. on the 10th day my guy Tim spotted a huge 7 x 7 elk in a clear-cut. And hour later and a 75 yard shot I had an arrow in the right spot in the pool was mine . Add scores in the top third of Boone and Crockett all time record what a way to finish the super slam 29 animals of North America .

Species: Roosevelts Elk   Email:

Randy Vander Kooy

  • Weapon Used: Remington 700 7 MM Mag

  • Brief Description of Hunt: Five days into the hunt this wonderful drop tine appeared 178 yards away. My trusty 7MM dropped him in his tracks.

  • Species: Midwestern White Tailed Deer

  • Email:

  • Location and Outfitter: Kansas Self Guided

Joe Merritt

Brief Description of Hunt: 4 members of the chapter fished with Chip Klein and had a great day on the water. This trip was donated to our chapter and auctioned at the 2017 Fund Raiser. Thanks for the donation Chip!

Species: Salmon


Location and Outfitter: Hit Man Charters

Joe Merritt

Weapon Used: Winchester Model 70 30-06

Brief Description of Hunt: 28 minutes into the hunt this beautiful 9 point stopped 135 yards away and I couldn't resit.

Species: Midwestern White Tailed Deer


Location and Outfitter: Kansas Self Guided

Matt Swem

Weapon Used: 12ga Shotgun

Brief Description of Hunt: May 3, 2017, was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze. Perfect weather for turkey hunting. I was hunting with fellow members Randall Elzinga and Doug Yff. Only a hour and half into the hunt I was able to take this trophy Tom at 12 yards. It was an awesome hunt with the Tom coming in from over 600 yards away and strutting right in front of us. The bird weighed in at 22 lbs, the beard was 10 1/2 inches long and the spurs were 1 1/4 and 1 3/8 inches long. Thanks for the great calling Randall.


Species: Eastern Turkey

Location and Outfitter: Lowell MI


With the help of Safari Club International, West Michigan Chapter, we were able to pull off a bear hunt for two US Army Veterans this past week.  These two vets served terms in the Middle East, it is amazing what men and women in the armed forces do for our freedoms.  Thank you SCI for helping us put such a hunt together.  Tony and Chris both are taking home their trophy bear today.  Thanks guys for all you have done and the people who are still keeping North America free.

Bear hunts here in NW Ontario are going strong right now with great reports of high number of animals.  Patient hunters can expect to see multiple animals and have several opportunities in a 6 or 7 day hunt.  Even though blue berries seem to be low this year the bear are finding enough to put their fat on for the winter months ahead.  We had five hunters in camp this week and all five shot a bear.  The animals looked very healthy with beautiful  coats.

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