West MI Bowhunters Hat Drawing: Highest Bidder wins a special issue West Mi Bowhunters hat. There will only be 12 of these hats issued. One lucky hat owner will be the winner of a “Henry 45-70 Golden Boy Rifle”. These rifles are in short supply and currently orders are at least a one year wait. Inspired from the Old West with a brass frame this 45 caliber rifle is as beautiful as it is functional. The .45-70 was introduced just one year after the invention of the .45 Colt.

This straight walled cartridge is a real performer. Combined with the legendary Henry rifle it makes this a very special firearm. One to be used as well as admired. A box of ammo is even included. This is a one in twelve chance of winning. You could WIN! Better do your best to get your hands on one of these special issue hats.

Value $1,100

Henry 45-70 Rifle